• 5 Ways to Improve Your Body Posture

  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Body Posture

  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Body Posture

5 Ways to Improve Your Body Posture by Experts 

In today’s world, maintaining a good posture can be quite a feat. it’s not something that happens overnight. Having a good posture requires practising it for long hours and on a constant basis. Once you hone the art of keeping your back straight then nothing like that. It should reflect in every aspect of your life. Right from sleeping to doing exercises to strengthen yourself.

The Backbone of your posture plays a very important role in your life. To improve your posture, you need to practice things like sitting in a proper manner such that your lumbar is properly aligned at a certain angle with your thighs. Ensure your feet are parallel to the ground and in the direction towards where you are sitting. People often slouch which is why you can try placing a small pillow at your back. Also you should never sit for long hours. It is recommended that you keep taking a break every 45 minutes. Just wake up and do some stretching. It shall keep your whole body in shape. Now let’s get to know four exercises that will improve your posture:


                              Find your center by standing up straight and tall:

This is a very easy thing to do. You just have to keep your chin level parallel to the ground, your shoulders flat back and let your stomach come in. Your arms should be free and let them fall off naturally.

  • When standing keep your feet about shoulder width apart. The exact same stance you would have when working out.

  • You can think it as a situation where you have been hung by a string. When you visualize certain things then it gets easier for you understand how you are going to stand.

Use a wall to teach yourself correct posture:


The best way to train yourself for a better posture is to stand with your back against a door or a flat surface. Ensure that you are nicely flat which means your head should touch the wall, even your shoulders and your butt. Heels need to be around 5 cms away from the wall. You can check by sliding your hand behind the space.

  • You should be freely able to slide your hand behind your back. In case there is no space left, pull your bellybutton back towards your spine which will help flatten your back a little.

  • Try to hold this position as you move slightly away from the wall. Keep doing this and if needed move back to recheck your posture.

Have someone tap an X on your back to help correct the posture:  

This is one thing that if done can do wonders to your back. Here you need to ask one of your friends to make an X with the help of a tap across your shoulders. You need to wear it the whole day. It shall help you retrain your back. It works really well if your shoulder blades were flat when the tape was being put. You can use a medical tape instead of any ordinary tape. Even better you can buy  a posture corrector online.

Keep your weight on the balls of your feet: Your heels should have all the weight. When you are standing, ensure that you are resting on your heels. Though your natural tendency may be to slouch. You better stand up straight , shift your weight a little and move forward a bit.

  • You can also rock back such that your weight relies on your heels. You can also notice how your entire body shifts into a slouchy posture with just one motion.

Walk as if you have something to balance on your head: This can be another great way to improve the posture. Imagine yourself balancing a book or a pot over your head. This will ensure that you have a nicely angled spine, shoulders back and chest out. On the contrary you may also avoid pushing your head forward.

Pick supportive footwear for standing and walking: 

This may be a small thing but a very important one. You need to choose the shoes that have ample padding which ensures that it can absorb the shocks. You can also see for a good arch support. Any good posture always starts from your feet.

  • Avoid shoes that have high heels because they can change the alignment of your body.

  • If you are in at a job that requires standing for long periods then ensure to add padding to the floor.